Student Digital Projects

The following digital research projects were created by current graduate students:

The following projects were developed by History graduate students for their Digital Scholarship Incubator program. This highly competitve program was initiated in 2014.

The following projects were developed by graduate and undergraduate students in the course of the semester they attended a Digital History class at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

History 970: Digital History Research Seminar Projects

Spring 2011

Grant Forssberg, "Whose Rights?: Social Fraternities, Discrimination and Civil Rights on the Post-War Campus"

Jacob Friefeld, "Honor and Blood: Misadventures in Sectional Communication during the Nineteenth-Century"

Adam Hodge, "Beyond Borderlands: Horses, Guns, Smallpox, and the Trajectory of Eastern Shoshone History"

Megan Huelman, "Fibers of Function: Women's Clothing on the Trails West"

Charles Klinetobe, "Black Diamonds: Mapping the Integration of Baseball"

Brandon Locke, "Newsboys: Constructing Masculinity in the Arsenal of Democracy"

Trevor Magel, "Power, Populism, and the Prairie: the NPL and KKK in North Dakota"

Kaci Nash, "'On our way to the Sunny South, land of Chivalry": Northern Travelogues and the Southern Landscape"

Andrea Nichols, "Biographical Reinterpretations: Textual Treatment of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart from 1569-1683"

Shawn O'Donnell, "The UNRRA Years: 1943-1948, War Relief and the Conflict of Peace"

Brian Sarnacki, "The Corrupt Network: Visualizing the Grand Rapids Water Scandal, 1900-1906"

Rebecca Wingo, "Through the Lens of 'Civilization': Private Landownership, Agriculture, Education, and Christianity under Allotment in Montanta"

Briony Zlomke, "Capturing Death: The Portrayal of Milwaukee's Death Culture Through Death Notices & Obituaries, 1860-1889"

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Fall 2008

Jason Heppler, "Framing Red Power: Newspapers, the Trail of Broken Treaties and the Politics of Media"

Brent Rogers, "What Shall be the Character of this Vast Western Territory?: National Expansion, Imperial Ideology, and the Utah Expedition, 1857-1858"

Nicholas Swiercek, "Resistance and Relocation: Freeways and Contested Space in Omaha, 1958-1962"

Michelle Tiedje, "Editing Populism: George H. Gibson and Applied Christianity in Gilded Age Nebraska"

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Spring 2007

Amy Gant, "'Beating a Path to Heaven': English Puritan Meditation in the Seventeenth Century"

Sam Herley, "Omaha-Ponca Intertribal Relations, 1854-1879"

Michael Hewitt, "The Scottish War for Independence"

Brian Hobbs "'Die at Home!' Community Protection during the New York City Draft Riots, July 13-17, 1863"

Amanda Kuhnel, "The Cultivation of Willa Cather's Ecological Imagination: A Reference Guide for Flora in O Pioneers!, My Ántonia, and A Lost Lady"

Svetlana Legotkina, "Ethnic Heritage Studies Centers"

Jared Leighton, "Freedom Schools During the Mississippi Freedom Summer, 1964"

Shannon Meyer, "The Lancashire Witches of 1612"

Nathan Sanderson, "William Jennings Bryan and the Railroad"

Robert Voss, "Crossing Oklahoma: Indian Territory 1866-1907"

Leslie Working, "Women on the Rails: Nebraska Suffragists and the Railroad"

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History 470

The following projects were developed by undergraduate students in the course of one semester of a digital history class offered at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The projects are hosted by Nebraska U: A Collaborative History using the Omeka platform.

Fall 2009

Jessica Dussault, "The Pride of All Nebraska: A Band's Growth from the Military Tradition"

Kyle Grossoehme, "'For Nebraska, we will'- 1916 Nebraska vs. Oregon State"

Jennifer Kroft, "Honoring the Mother Tongue: The Struggle to Establish and Maintain Czech Language Instruction from 1903-1919"

Dustin Lipskey, "Bringing Students Together: The Nebraska Union 1936-1939"

Pablo Rangel, "Cultural Plurality: The Struggle for a Chicano Studies Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln"

Kourtney Smith, "'Well Anyhow We Done Our Damndest': The 1912 Yearbook Recall"

Alex Wheeler, "An Endowment for Education: Nebraska & the Morrill Act 1862-1890"

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Spring 2008

Timothy Auten, "UNL Commencement in the Gilded Age (1869-1900)"

Stephanie Demers, "Homecoming Decs the Depression: Tradition Outlasts Great Depression (1929-1940)"

Bradley Earley, "'Coach Says Ross Will Play': The 1913 Protests by Kansas and Kansas State"

Jillian Gotfredson, "'Citadel of Apathy'?: Student Activism at UNL, September 1968-May 1969"

Drew Hartley, "Nebraska Risks Losing Baseball"

Robert Kilts, "Men of the Museum 1869-1927"

Jeffrey Miller, "UNL and the Dry Spell: Student Attitudes Toward Prohibition, 1931-1932"

Alex Stamm, "Student Power on the Prairie: UNL in the Sixties"

Ryan Treick, "Kampus Klan: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Ku Klux Klan, in the Early 1920s"

Joshua Vapenik, "'Rowing? In Nebraska?' The UNL Crew Club: 1969-1980"

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Featured Projects

Andrea Nichols project avatarBiographical Reinterpretations: Textual Treatment of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, 1569-1683

Andrea Nichols's student project examines the shifts in textual accounts of Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, beginning during their reigns, and ending in the late Stuart-era.

History Harvest project avatarThe History Harvest

This department project seeks to create a popular movement to democratize and open American history by utilizing digital technologies to share the experiences and artifacts of everyday people and local historical institutions.

Civil War Washington project avatarCivil War Washington

Civil War Washington examines the U.S. national capital from multiple perspectives as a case study of social, political, cultural, and medical/scientific transitions provoked or accelerated by the Civil War.