Meet Sidney Wickham

Photo Credit: Student Spotlight: Sidney Wickham
Wed, 11/08/2023 - 10:41

Majors: Anthropology and History
Hometown: Broomfield, CO

Year: Sophomore

Favorite Book:
Daughter of the Pirate King- it's super adventurous and also combines some historical elements into it. A real page turner!

Favorite Movie:
Scream 2: I love horror movies and fall! It's the perfect combination

Why these majors?
I am studying History and Anthropology because of love learning about the past and how things have changed over time. I love learning about new things, and they can be super interesting.

Favorite course:
The Intro to Archaeology class was super interesting. I loved the lectures and it made the class feel like it was something that I could look forward to. There are so many things that Anthropology majors can do, but every day, you learn something new about our shared past!

Extracurricular Involvement:
I've been involved at tons of different things at UNL, I am involved in Kappa Delta, one of our sororities on campus, I go to the Swing Country Dance Club, I'm in Alpha Delta Lamba, I just finished a class that partnered with the International Quilt Museum, I've worked at the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver (when I go home on breaks), I worked at the Chickamagua and Chattanooga National Military Park this summer through the National Park Service, I'm currently working with Dr. Muñoz in the History department on a research project, and I plan on doing a field school in Italy this summer.

Post-Graduation Plans:
My post-graduation plans are to apply and get accepted to a graduate program on the East Coast and get a master's in museum studies and then receive my PhD at some point. My dream job is to work for at one of the Smithsonian Museums and become a museum curator for their archaeological collections.