At Nebraska, you have a variety of opportunities for research, including

  • Undergraduate Creative Activities & Research Experiences (UCARE)
  • volunteer and paid positions on campus
  • research courses and by conducting research for credit

UCARE offers opportunities for undergraduates to work alongside faculty members and directly participate in the campus's research or creative activities. As an undergraduate you may apply for UCARE awards to incorporate a research or creative experience into their undergraduate education.

As a student researcher, you'll extend your knowledge beyond the classroom, taking the concepts you’ve learned in lectures and seminars and applying them to real-world situations. Research supports what you learn in the classroom and encourages deep learning.

Research also benefits you if preparing for graduate study or if you are entering the workforce. By performing research, you show that you are detail oriented and self-motivated. You can persistently see a project through from inception to completion.

Examples of UCARE projects

The Red Cross and the Swastika: How the Holocaust Changed Humanitarianism

Student: Alexandra Adams (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: Gerald Steinacher

Voltaire, d'Alembert, and Condorcet Walk Into A Bar

Student: Alexander Claussen (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: Patrice Berger

Civil War Washington

Student: Shailana Dunn-Wall (year 1), Aaron Howell (year 2)

Faculty sponsor: Kenneth Winkle, Susan Lawrence

Millennium Bomber and America before and after 9/11

Student: Salem Elzway (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: James LeSueur

The Lord's Supper in Reformation Pamphlets

Student: Emily Heineman (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: Amy Burnett

La Matanza of 1932, El Salvador

Student: Osmin Hernandez (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: James Garza

Environmental Issues in Mexico City and Latin America

Student: Amanda Karimi (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: James Garza

Love and Death in Medieval and Renaissance England

Student: Brittny Ofstedal (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: Carole Levin

Locating Lord Greystoke: Race, Empire, and the Congo Question, 1876-1917 (A Transatlantic Cultural and Intellectual History)

Student:Markus Schoof (year 1)

Faculty sponsor: Jeannette Eileen Jones