About Us
About Us

We are a national leader in digital history, bringing together faculty and students to discover new ways to investigate, preserve, and present history through digital media.

We’re consistently recognized for our excellence in the history of the American West, the history of the American Civil War, comparative world history, and other specializations. Our faculty members have won prestigious awards, and our students have won competitive major national scholarships, including the Truman, Fulbright, and Rhodes scholarships.

We support our students in all their scholarly endeavors and professional aspirations:

  • Our students develop broad-based skills through a series of workshops, teacher development classes, and an interdisciplinary network of mentors and peers.
  • The History Graduate Students’ Association hosts the annual interdisciplinary conference, featuring such distinguished keynote speakers as Peter Onuf and Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.
  • Innovative projects, such as History Harvest, provide our students with opportunities for unmatched, real-world research experience.

Our highly-skilled, versatile graduates are dismantling the myth that history majors simply become history teachers. They go on to a wide range of careers in business, education, government service, law, and management. Our graduates are sought-after professionals who know how to think critically, to communicate effectively and to work digitally and technically. They're ready for their futures in their chosen careers.

With our eye on the future, we make history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The department was incredibly honored to receive the 2017 University-wide Departmental Teaching Award.

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