Le Sueur earns Creative Works award from NUTech Ventures

Photo Credit: James Le Sueur
by CAS Tue, 11/03/2020 - 05:42

James Le Sueur, Samuel Clark Waugh Distinguished Professor of International Relations in and chair of the Department of History, earned a Creative Works award at the NUTech Ventures Innovator Celebration on November 2, 2020 for his film "The Art of Dissent."

The award recognizes an individual who has developed a creative innovation, such as a film, which is typically protected under copyright.

Le Sueur co-produced and directed the film, which explores the role of artistic activism during Czechoslovakia's communist takeover and nonviolent transition from communist power. The film premiered in August 2020 at the Rhode Island International Film Festival, where it won the Social Spotlight Award, which recognizes films that are bringing awareness to critical and underreported issues.

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