Graduate History Minor

A graduate history minor is ideal for graduate students incorporating historical methods and perspectives in their primary areas of study. For instance, journalists wanting to develop historical research skills and gain historical content knowledge in their major reporting areas would benefit from taking HIST 900 and classes focused on the Great Plains, law and policy, or international relations. Literary scholars and geographers drawing on historical contexts to make their arguments would likewise enjoy developing their historical research skills while they also learn more about 19th-century history or history of women and gender, as examples.

Our department values interdisciplinarity in its focus on the past, and we are excited to share ideas about the applications of the past to the present in the work of scholars in other fields. We welcome you to consider a History minor that complements your own.

Graduate History Minor Requirements:

  • 9 credits required for an M.A. History Minor, including HIST 900
  • 15 credits required for a Ph.D. History Major, including HIST 900 & HIST 950
  • The Minor Department Advisor must be a History Faculty member

Students seeking a Graduate History Minor must submit a formal letter to the Graduate Chair (Dr. Alexander Vazansky) and Graduate Secretary (Megan Brown) applying to do so before they submit their Memorandum of Courses or their Program of Study. The letter should outline the History courses being requested for the minor and list the History Faculty advisor who has already agreed to serve on the student's thesis or dissertation committee.