Graduate Funding

Graduate Teaching Assistantships

These are normally a one-third time appointment, equivalent to a workload of 12-15 hours per week. Graduate Teaching Assistants are typically assigned to large lecture classes to assist professors with grading, lecturing, leading discussion, designing tests and assignments, and other responsibilities designated by the professor. Students with a continuous appointment as a graduate assistant for the academic year will receive a stipend and a waiver of resident or non-resident tuition for up to 12 hours of credit per semester.

Research Assistantships

The Department has a limited number of Research Assistantships, usually as part of grants that professors have obtained from outside sources. These involve a one-third time appointment, equivalent to a workload of 12-15 hours per week. Students who indicate an interest in a Graduate Teaching Assistantship will automatically be considered for a Research Assistantship.

Department Fellowships

For advanced Ph.D. students who have passed their comprehensive exams, the Department has a limited number of competitive fellowships. These help support students while they conduct research for and write their dissertations. Eligible students may apply for these in the spring semester by applying for university-wide fellowships by the deadline set by Graduate Studies.

Travel Support

The Graduate Chair puts out a call for funding for travel for graduate students twice a year. Students can apply for funding to travel to archives and museums for research purposes or to present at academic conferences. More information about travel funding can be found here.

Other Forms of Support

For more funding opportunities see the Graduate Studies website.