Borstelmann earns AHA book prize for "Just Like Us"

Photo Credit: Tim Borstelmann
by CAS MarComm Mon, 07/19/2021 - 10:28

Tim Borstelmann has earned the Tonous and Warda Johns Family Book Award from the Pacific Coast Branch (PCB) of the American Historical Association (AHA) for "Just Like Us: The American Struggle to Understand Foreigners".

The annual award recognizes an outstanding monograph or edited volume in the history of U.S. foreign relations, immigration history, or military history.

Borstelmann is the Elwood N. and Katherine Thompson Professor of Modern World History in the Department of History. His book, which was published by Columbia University Press, explores what foreignness has meant across American history.

As the largest historical society in the United States, the AHA promotes historical studies, the collection and preservation of historical documents and artifacts, and the dissemination of historical research. The PCB serves AHA members in the Western States of the U.S. and the Western Provinces of Canada.