James A. Rawley Graduate Conference in the Humanities

The Rawley Conference is a forum for graduate students across disciplines to present their work and receive valuable feedback from faculty.

Fourteenth Annual Conference
“On the Margins,” March 9-10, 2018

Every space – political, social, cultural, virtual, material, or physical – has margins. That which does or does not exist in this space speaks to both the margin itself and to the dominant space. How do the people, places, ideas, markings, or objects which occupy this peripheral space develop, operate, and interact? How do those interactions change others in the dominant space and on the margin? How do they contextualize and influence other margins or the dominant spaces?

This conference is designed to interpret the concept of ‘the margin’ broadly. Therefore, submissions are encouraged which address these ideas in any way. Potential projects might explore the marginalia of manuscripts, socially marginalized populations, minority (or perceived minority) political, social, or cultural groups, counter-cultural movements, or digital spaces. Papers might also address the margins of traditional academia through digital humanities work, alternative-academic avenues, or other methodologies and perspectives. Submissions are encouraged to push the concept of ‘the margin’ as fits the applicant’s research.

with presentations by
Dr. Stephen Robertson, George Mason University

“Reimagining Black Urban Space In the 1920s and 1930s: Mapping Places, Events, and Networks with Digital Harlem"

William Fliss, Marquette University

Call for Papers

Submission Guidelines

Individual papers, panels, posters, and digital projects are all equally and highly encouraged.

All submissions must include a one-page abstract of 250-500 words, single-spaced, which includes the topic, core argument, and methodology of the project.  Applicants must also provide a current, one-page CV. Paper panel submissions must include abstracts and CVs for each project/participant, an approximately 500-word summary of the topic and purpose of the panel, and a brief explanation as to how each paper fits into the theme of the panel. This document should also specify the name and email address of the panel chair.

Submissions should be emailed to hgsa.rawley@gmail.com with the subject line “Rawley 2018 Submission – [Last Name, First Name].”

About the Conference

Professor Emeritus James A. Rawley was a member of the University's History Department from 1964 until 2005. Specializing in the Civil War era and American race relations, Professor Rawley authored numerous books, including Race and Politics: Bleeding Kansas and the Coming of the Civil War and The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A History. He was a member of many professional organizations ranging from the Nebraska State Historical Society to the Organization of American Historians, which awards its annual Rawley Prize for distinguished scholarship in the field of American race relations. The Annual James A. Rawley Graduate Conference in the Humanities serves both as a way to honor Dr. Rawley, as well as encourage future scholarship in a variety of disciplines.


Any questions should be directed to the 2018 Conference Co-Chairs, Emily Slomski and Cassi Tucker.

Email: hgsa.rawley@gmail.com