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Margaret Huettl, Assistant Professor in History and Ethnic Studies, earned her PhD in History from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2016), her M.A. in Native American history from the University of Oklahoma (2010), and her B.A. from the University of Rochester (2008). She is a scholar of Native American history and North American Wests, and her research examines Indigenous sovereignty and settler colonialism in a transnational context. Her current project, “Ojibwe Peoplehood in the North American West, 1854-1954,” explores Ojibwe or Anishinaabe sovereignty in the United States and Canada during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, centering her research on Anishinaabe ways of knowing. Her research and teaching interests focus on Indigenous histories in North America, with a special interest in ethnohistorical methods and public history.


America after 1877
Special Topics in Native American History: Treaties and Sovereignty
Intro to Native American Studies


“Re/creating the Past: Anishinaabe History in the Novels of Louise Erdrich.” Critical Insights: Louise Erdrich. Edited by P. Jane Hafen (Ipswitch: EBSCO Publishing, October 2012).


“This I Hold in My Hand: Anishinaabe Anokiiwin (Labor), Resources, and Sovereignty on and beyond Reservations" NASNTI/American Indian Studies Visiting Scholar Presentation, University of Minnesota-Morris, Feb. 2016, Morris, MN.

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Native American History;
North American West;
Nineteenth and Twentieth Century U.S.;
Indigenous Peoples;
Colonialism and Decolonization