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Major and Minor

If you would like to become a history major, you need to obtain a declaration of major form from the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center. The minimum requirement for a major in history is 32 credit hours. The minor requirement is 18 hours, including 6 hours in courses numbered 300 and above.

You can earn a B.A. from Arts and Sciences majoring in history while getting certified to teach secondary education.


The History Department offers several scholarships and awards to undergraduates.


It is possible to obtain academic credit from the History Department for internships conducted with local historical societies, the State Historical Society of Nebraska, the Nebraska State Government, or other institutions engaged in historical activity.


Undergraduate Creative Activities & Research Experiences (UCARE), funded by the Pepsi Endowment, offers opportunities for undergraduates to work alongside faculty members and directly participate in the campus's research or creative activities.

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