Application Procedures

Office of Graduate Studies Requirements

Upload your most recent unofficial transcript from each institution attended. We will only need official transcripts upon admittance.

Recommendation for Graduate Admission
Three letters of reference are required and should be submitted through the University's online application system.

Personal Statement and Writing Sample
should be submitted through the above application system. The personal statement is approximately 1-2 pages in length; its purpose is to explain interest in pursuing a particular graduate degree and to give a strong sense of intellectual interests and background. The writing sample is a paper previously written by the applicant; there is no standardized page limit, although they are typically 10-30 pages in length.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
You should register to take the GRE and have the results forwarded to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (institution code: 6877); you do not need to enter a departmental code as all scores are processed centrally. You should also submit your scores through our application system.

Language Requirements
All applicants (M.A., Ph.D. without M.A., and Ph.D. with M.A.) must have four semesters of study in at least one language other than English with an average grade of B or better; all four semesters of study must be for the same language. If needed, this requirement can be fulfilled while enrolled in the program, but it must be completed before the portfolio defense or comprehensive exams.

Ph.D. applicants in American history should also be fluent in at least one language other than English, and Ph.D. applicants in non-U.S. fields should demonstrate fluency in at least two languages besides English. Fluency is demonstrated through an exam offered in the Department at least once a year.

This policy is more fully expanded in the Graduate Handbook.

International Students
should also include:

Guidelines for International Students


December 1 for all M.A. and Ph.D. students applying for admission.

We accept applications for Fall semesters.