Gabby George

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Graduate Student History (402) 472-2414 612 Oldfather Hall
With time spent at Humboldt University in Berlin, taking courses in Jewish History and European Political Science, Gabby's academic work will focus on the Holocaust and World War II, with added interest in German and Jewish history and culture. Her research will examine the events that unfolded during the Holocaust, as well as the concepts and ideas of how and why.

Gabby has interned at Nebraska Hall as a Curator Intern, managing the collection and helping prepare museum displays. She also worked with the Nebraska Historical Society as a Preservation Intern, cataloging historical building blueprints and creating a Preservation Month display. She has been involved in projects such as the History Harvest, were artifacts were digitized and used to create a digital artifact webpage. Additionally, Gabby was involved in the Digital Homesteading project, where data was compiled and analyzed from photographs of homesteads, then presented at an academic conference.


B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2015


Central Europe
Primary: Holocaust